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URL shortener

Build branded short URLs through custom domains to increase CTR. Share and track your links across your social channels and campaigns.

Link Retargeting

Add retargeting pixels to your links and turn every URL into perfectly targeted ads. Retarget visitors from 3rd party sites like Amazon, Kickstarter, Medium, Apple Store, and more.

Conversion tracking

Install the WEBWEB conversion tracking script on your website to track your ad results and improve your multi-channel marketing performance.

Create a Retargeting short link

Improve and measure every link you share. Shorten links, track their performance with UTM tags, and retarget anyone who clicks on them.

Custom Domain

Drive CTR up to 34% with Branded Short Domains. Branded Short Domains replace the '' in your links with your brand name, allowing you to take total control of your content.

Customized slugs

Edit the last part of all your URLs and personalized it. Like

" Tinyin helps us a lot to share a web pages quickly while studying. It already have saved a lot of time and saving more & more. "

- Anuj Joshi Student

" We use tinyin to share the assignments with our students and it helps me to track whether every students have reached to the link or not. "

- Sagar Mahajan Trainer

" Tinyin has helped our business a lot to share and track notifications quickly and analytics reports us whether customer have read it. "

- Rajesh Apte Entrepreneur

" Many times we use it to share tutorial page links and paste a block of code with colleges especially while working from home it saves a lot of time. "

- Hussain Kothari Developer

" I use tinyin to Bookmark the inspirational graphics available on internet. I can simply find the bookmarked links by signing into Tinyin app. "

- Bhagyashree Damle Designer